About us

Circular Water Technologies AB (CWT) was established in 2020 as a spin-off from HVR Water Purification AB. We are five PhD graduates teamed up with experienced business developers. Our office located in central Stockholm. The vision of CWT is to make water use in industries a closed loop with a complete purification and recovery of wastewater. CWT is licenced by Scarab Development AB whose main business interests are developing innovative solutions for a range of environmental challenges such as water and energy.

CWT cooperates with major Swedish and international research institutes such as Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, Sweden), Interuniversity Microelectronics, Centre (Imec, Belgium), Technical University of Dresden (TU-Dresden, Germany), Fortum (Finland), and Caterpillar (USA).

CWT has developed a new water and wastewater recycling technology from concept and prototype stages to demonstrations for several circular water applications. The water purification technology has been tested for different applications including water recovery in power plants, pharmaceutical industries, bioethanol productions, electronic industries, solar desalination plants, polygeneration in micro-grids, and local drinking water utilities. In 2020 we have chosen which products to launch in 2021. Our main choice is Ultrapure water for the manufacture of green hydrogen.

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The people

Aapo Sääsk Chairman
Dr. Daniel Woldemariam CEO & Board Member
Dr. Alaa Kullab CTO & Board Member
Carl-Henrik Arosenius Finance and Investor Relations
Dr. Jaime Camalich Project Manager & Board Member
Dr. Ershad Khan Scientific Expert & Board Member
Dr. Imtisal Noor Project Manager
Peter Nobel Manufacturing Expert
Madeleine Eriksson Administrative Assistant
Ulf Larsson-Flink Recruitment & HR
Natalia Petersson Communication